Why Mediation for Couples Without Children?

Divorce can be very expensive. The cost of retaining attorneys and the time and expense of going back and forth to court can be a daunting and lengthy process. Mediation is a cost-effective way to end your marriage and get a fresh start.

Why Mediation for Couples With Children?

Divorce can be very traumatic and emotional for all parties involved. Husband and Wife should never forget that while they might be wrapped up in the emotional aspect of separating and trying to start over, their children are also suffering emotionally. Divorce Mediation can be a good way to facilitate and foster a positive joint parental unit going forward. Mediation empowers both parties and starts the healing process.

Divorce Mediation can help ease couples and their children into their new lives without causing unnecessary trauma and turmoil. Divorce Mediation shows children that their parents are acting in their best interest and are willing to co-parent.

Divorce Mediation is also a cost-effective solution for couples who do not wish to spend thousands of dollars on lawyers and court appearances. If you and your spouse can sit in the same room together and are willing to compromise then mediation just might be for you!

When is Mediation a Bad Idea?


Mediation is NOT for all couples!