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A conviction for a traffic violation can have serious implications on your driver's license and insurance rates. A person charged with a traffic violation is not required to hire an attorney, however it could be beneficial to you, your driving record, and your wallet.

As a Prosecutor Melissa S. Aguanno has handled tens of thousands of traffic violations. A speeding ticket or points on your license can be more serious than you think.

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As of June 1, 2013, a conviction for improper use of a cellular phone, texting, or the use of a portable GPS without being properly mounted will result in 5 points on your driver license.

In addition, three moving violation convictions in an 18 month period will result in a mandatory revocation of your driving privileges by the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles (regardless of the points).

Whether you received a ticket in Suffolk or Nassau County, call Melissa S. Aguanno to see how hiring an attorney can be cheaper for you in the long-run.


Driver Violation Point System

The DMV driver violation point system helps to identify drivers who commit several traffic violations during a specific time period.

Remember that the point system is not the only reason for a driver license suspension or revocation. There are mandatory suspensions or revocations. For example, the DMV must revoke your driver license if you are convicted of three speeding violations within an 18-month period, regardless of how many driver violation points you have.

This table lists the number of points given for specific traffic violations (this is not a complete list):

Violation Points Violation Points
Speeding (MPH over speed limit not indicated) 3 Following too closely 4
Speeding (MPH over speed limit): Passing improperly, changing lanes unsafely, driving to the left of center, driving in the wrong direction 3
1 - 10 MPH 3
11 - 20 MPH 4 Failed to obey a traffic signal, a Stop sign, or a Yield sign 3
21 - 30 MPH 6 Railroad crossing violation 3
31 - 40 MPH 8 Failed to yield the right-of-way 3
More than 40 MPH 11 Passenger safety violation, including seat belt and child safety seat violations for passengers under the age of 16 3
Reckless driving 5 Left the scene of an accident that includes property damage or the injury of a domestic animal 3
Failed to stop for a school bus 5 Other moving violations 2
Inadequate brakes 4 Inadequate brakes (vehicle of an employer) 2
Improper cell phone use 5 Use of portable electronic device ("texting") 5

As of June 1, 2013, improper use of a cellular phone/texting/hand held portable GPS device not mounted, have increased from 3 points to 5 points.

Courtesy of the N.Y.S. Department of Motor Vehicles